What is Golfest?

We are promoting the betterment of the sport of golf! And having a good time in the process!

This is Team California, a group of avid golfers from the Golden State.  All we have in common is we like to golf … and golf often.

What course does your Top 100 golf Bucket List include?  Do you have it scheduled yet?  You should!  Real golfers make it a reality!

It doesn’t matter where you live as long as your love golf.  Not like, but “love” the sport.  Here are an assortment of golfers representing the U.S. of A.

The Continuing Quest to Play the Top 100 Golf Courses in the United States

Golfest brings you GOLFING!REVIEWS!ADVICE!

Surf our site and check us out.  We update it and post often to make it worth your while.  This includes Course Reviews, Competitions, Golf Jokes, and photographs of some of the most beautiful Cart Girls on the planet.

If we can’t amaze you, impress you, or make you laugh, you probably should be playing with your coloring books instead of golf.  If you want to join us, contact us at Top100@GolfestOnline.com

Golf is good, but Cart girls make it even better.  Check out our collection of cart girls that have helped serve up an assortment of beverages on some of our Golfest outings!

A Priest, a rabbi and Tiger Woods walk into a bar ….  Yes, we have one of the largest collections of golf jokes on the internet.  Enjoy a few laughs on us!  Enjoy!

Golfest hosts and orchestrates several different golf events/trips every year.  The first is at least one big annual golf trip to a “name brand” destination.  The second is the annual Ryder Cup formatted Golfest Cup competition pitting Team California against Team USA.  What do they all have in common besides GOLF?  Fun!

Many people will try to provide you with golf advice.  But we guarantee that no one on the planet puts it in perspective like the MULLIGAN MAN does.  His fans dish up the questions and he provides unique answers.  Golf and Sex?  Yes, it actually exist here!

Our golf course reviews are real and honest, not fluffy PR pieces that the course has encouraged us to write.  If it’s great, we will tell you why.  If it’s average, we will share the details.  And if it’s mediocre, we will tell you to save your hard earned money.

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